Introducing WhatsApp channel


Mar 15, 2023


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over 2 billion users. It offers a simple and convenient way for people to communicate with each other in real-time, whether it's for personal or business purposes. WhatsApp also provides an API that allows developers to build custom applications that can send and receive messages through the WhatsApp platform. This API, called the WhatsApp Business API, gives businesses the ability to automate and streamline their communication with customers, as well as offer new ways to interact and engage with them. Today, we're annonuncing WhatsApp as a messaging channel in Engagespot. As a product manager, or a marketer, or developer, this gives you the capability to communicate with your app users via one more channel.

Gupshup WhatsApp API

In Engagespot, you get the flexibility to choose an API provider of your choice. We're getting started with the WhatsApp API with Gupshup WhatsApp Business API. The GupShup WhatsApp API allows developers to build custom applications that can send and receive messages through the WhatsApp platform, using the GupShup messaging infrastructure.

Gupshup WhatsApp API + Engagespot makes it even powerful!

As you know, Engagespot provides you the APIs and SDKs to build a complete notification system in your product. With using a single Send Notification API, you can deliver messages to multiple channels such as email, in-app, sms, slack, push, whatsapp etc. When you use your Gupshup WhatsApp API with Engagespot, you get -

  • Use your existing Engagespot API integration, no need to integrate Gupshup API to your app.
  • Give your user's the flexibility to choose their preferred notification channels such as email, or in-app, or whatsapp or sms.
  • View realtime delivery tracking of whatsapp messages in your Engagespot dashboard. (Along with other channels)
  • Switch whatsapp API provider without any changes to your code.
  • Manage WhatsApp notification templates from your Engagespot dashboard.

How to enable WhatsApp channel in your Engagespot app

With Engagespot, integrating Gupshup API to your app is simple and you can do it in less than a few minutes! Read documentation to learn more.

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