Disposable Email Detector

What is a disposable email address?

Disposable email is a form of temporary email address that allows a user to receive email at a temporary address that gets deleted after a certain time period. It is created by users to sign up on websites without revealing their actual email id. Disposable email address is mostly used when users want to try out a particular website or to create multiple free trial accounts. Many websites provide disposable or temporary email addresses that is generated in one click without any registration. Disposable email address is also called throwaway or temporary or fake email addresses for verification.

What is the issue with disposable email address?

While temporary or disposable email addresses are good for users to hide their original email address, it can be a headache for websites because they invite a lot of spam accounts. Users who use a fake or disposable email address to sign up to your website are mostly users without any real purpose, or competitors who wants to hide their identity. If you allow sign ups from fake or disposable email addresses, you will invite a lot of spam accounts. Thus it is essential for business to block registrations from a disposable email address, or you should clean your CRM by deleting users who use a fake email address.

How to detect a temporary or disposable email address?

To detect fake email address, you should observe the domain of the email address. One method is to allow registrations only from reputed email domains like gmail.com, yahoo.com etc. But this is not feasible because people will use their business email addresses too. Manually, you can make a list of all disposable email domains and implement a filter functionality on your sign up form to block registrations from such commonly known disposable email domains. Or you can use our disposable email detector tool to find if an email belongs to a temporary email domain.

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